I'm taking a break from mining myths for nuggets of wisdom so I can focus on releasing my second novel, Unsung Odysseys.

Unsung Odysseys tells the story of Odysseus’ journey home through the voices of the females who interact with him. I thought it was about time we heard the voices of women. The novel will be released soon on Amazon Kindle soon. I’ll be posting Chapter 1 on my website to give you a taste of what’s coming. So stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I have posted an excerpt from Chapter I of my novel, A Pomegranate and the Maiden, a retelling of the Demeter/Persephone myth through the voices of the characters involved. The excerpt is posted on my blog. The novel is available in paperback and on Amazon Kindle. 

About the book:

A Pomegranate and the Maiden is a multi-faceted re-telling of the story of Demeter and Persephone as told in Homer’s Hymn to Demeter. The many characters speak directly to the reader, presenting multiple perspectives of the same event. Among the voices we hear is that of the mother grieving for her lost child, the daughter struggling for independence, the father who tramples on a mother’s rights, and the lover who resorts to nefarious means to win his beloved. Each perspective is deeply rooted in the character’s psychology and gender. Woven within their narratives are stories familiar to readers of Greek mythology. 

Against the backdrop of our own culture, which still diminishes the value of motherhood and marginalizes women of all ages, these voices speak to us through the centuries and offer new ways of seeing the world we inhabit. 


AuthorTamara Agha-Jaffar