Nehama Aschkenasy

Woman at the Window: Biblical Tales of Oppression and Escape by Nehama Aschkenasy is an engaging read for anyone wanting to explore the portrayal of women in the Hebrew text.

Through close textual analysis of several events involving women, Aschkenasy illuminates the woman's role and position. She reframes the text, discussing it from the perspective of the woman whose voice has been muffled or completely silenced in the biblical narrative. By repositioning the female from the margin to the center, Aschkenasy opens the text to a wealth of interpretations that are fascinating and insightful. She gives voice to the female and speculates possible motives for her behavior and her silence. She breathes life into these otherwise nebulous women, reconstructing their lives and their personalities, thereby allowing them to materialize from the shadows of the patriarchal context in which they have been submerged.  

AuthorTamara Agha-Jaffar
CategoriesBook Review